Our Services

Blueshift Wireless offers proprietary long range wireless technologies, high speed content distribution services, broadcasting services and music on demand through our line of BlueShift Technology devices. BlueShift provides turnkey services for live event broadcasts as well as customized music services for our clients.


Wireless and Cellular Network Integration

Wireless network integration is the adaptation or addition to a new or existing data/voice/video infrastructure. As technology and bandwidth requirements change, so does the wireless technology and equipment available to support those changes.


Wireless network architecture is site specific and customer oriented in detail. Rarely are two true wireless networks the same (excluding Wi-Fi hotspots). Wireless networks are as unique as the companies that are looking to deploy them. Areas of separation include numbers of users, required bandwidth, levels of security, topography, applications being supported (VoIP, video over IP etc.), remote access, VLAN’s, and budget allocations for deployment. 


These services include: 

RF Site Survey and Design

Wi-Fi (Deployment, Support)

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Building to Building Connectivity

Internet, VPN, Voice and Video

High Speed Bandwidth 1 MB to 1,000 MB

Metropolitan Infrastructure

Handheld PDA Integration

Satellite Services - Internet, Voice & Video

Wireless Fiber up-to 1 Gigabit


Wireless Security

Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless networks. The risks to users of wireless technology have increased as the service has become more popular. Widespread dependence on connectivity, rapidly evolving technologies and a growing mobile workforce are driving enterprises to adopt wireless technologies but their security and reliability are not ensured. By Partnering with Relify Security, BlueShifts solutions address these issues by delivering a cost-effective framework of security for wireless networks.

Internet Broadcasting

BlueShift's Broadcasting Services enables your company to broadcast audio easily and affordably via the Internet. BlueShift's services are scalable, which makes them perfect for the large and small broadcaster alike. Use our award-winning services to broadcast your audio content Live, Archived, On Demand, or just relay your existing Internet broadcast via our network.


BlueShift devices were originally focused on embedded wireless technology but when NetMix Broadcasting approached us about building software to manage an Internet radio station we were able to develop both the backend to run the station as well as the end user devices to collect the content and distribute it. The product line that was developed by BlueShift is UltraViolet™ with the end user software UVCast.


BlueShift Wireless devices were developed as a line of appliances for sending and receiving streams both at terrestrial stations and at live events. The devices include built in support for station automation closures. Where needed, the devices support Wi-Fi capability. The slim-line receiver is also suitable for waiting rooms, offices, and in cooperation with event audio streaming.


The Ultra Violet software and devices include the ability to distribute content from a central location to an unlimited number of recipient devices with broadcast quality. The Ultra Violet system which is designed to operate in a fully meshed network environment also has closures built in to allow local and national station identification and advertising at designated times with full audit records validating air play time and date. The threaded architecture of the original cluster software allowed BlueShift engineers to reduce jitter for meta data and closure records to under one hundred milliseconds and latency is also highly reduced, something that has not been possible until now  


Wireless Internet Access

BlueShift is a provider of commercial class Internet access devices and terminals for businesses and communities to deploy mobile broadband.


 Subscribers and Home Business Node Clients

 BlueShift subscribers who wish to deploy a Home Business Node and become a part of the BlueShift Network can lease a single self installing node preconfigured by BlueShift to connect to their current home Internet access. The BlueShuft node will open a public access point on their home network and allow other BlueShift subscriber's access to the Internet.


BlueShift Business Partners

Businesses with Internet access locally can become a BlueShift VA Partner by allowing BlueShift to install their WiFi gateway router in their location to provide Internet access to surrounding area. The larger the area and the more populated the greater the potential revenue will be. Businesses can apply to have this service deployed in their location at no cost to them if they feel they can acquire a sufficient number of users to support the cost of the network through the BlueShift Advertising channels. These partners will be provided all the tools needed to offer BlueShift Travel Cards, subscription sales and will share in advertising revenues generated from their point of presence.


BlueShift Corporate Internet Services

Corporations who require campus wide secure wireless Internet or who do not wish to manage their network can utilize the extraordinary technical capabilities of the BlueShift Wireless Technology. BlueShift devices are fully capable of performing the same functions as the smaller Cisco routers including BGP routing. They also have the equivalent security features of a Cisco PIX firewall built in. BlueShift Network experts will design the network infrastructure specifically for each corporation. BlueShift will also provide 24/7 network monitoring and support with monthly service reports.