Our Partners

BlueShift knows that the relationships we form with other companies as partnerships are a major component to our overall success. By cultivating these relationships with our business partners, BlueShift has been able to experience exceptional growth.

Relify Security
Relify Security, LLC is a leading provider of next generation, advanced information security solutions to address new and emerging threats.
Linux Labs International
Linux Labs designs and builds high-performance supercomputers utilizing their proprietary NimbusOS, optionally housing them in their own high-performance data center.
NetMix.fm and NetMix Broadcasting
NetMix Broadcasting is a leading Internet broadcasting and music distribution company. Together with her sister company, NetMix.fm, NetMix Broadcasting is achieving unheard of listener statistics.
DJ Trance Productions
With over 20 years of experience as a DJ/Producer, DJTrance has helped change and evolve trance music from an underground movement, to the massive festival now experienced throughout the world.
Big Sticks Broadcasting
Founded by the creative genius Bob Perry, Big Sticks Broadcasting specializes in next generation media; marketing, promotion, features, formats and management consulting.