BlueShift Wireless Device Features

The BlueShift Wireless devices are designed to be installed by those with all levels of technical expertise for both indoor and outdoor installations.


Universal deployment also required low power requirements, including power over Ethernet, no moving parts to eliminate field replacements, built-in back up power, on board firewall, secure authentication with security zone settings in a fully meshed architecture for fail over and redundancy. A critical requirement was for the device to be low enough in cost that it would be affordable for multiple device deployments by small businesses and individuals.


BlueShift Wireless devices can connect to each other wirelessly they can share a single Internet connection, an additional cost saving feature. The devices also had to be compatible with other network providers' hardware and authentication processes as well as the various wireless devices deployed by end users. All devices needed to be upgradeable remotely and managed centrally with the ability to track individual devices traffic. Since much of the BlueShift Wireless model is focused on extremely fast deployment it was also necessary to develop a version of the BlueShift Wireless device with signal amplification for exterior longer range installations.


The BlueShift Wireless Overdrive device allows BlueShift Wireless to make their network available to subscribers within approximately three miles of an Overdrive device. These Overdrive devices will require an exterior antenna installed and will serve up to 54Mb of bandwidth in a point to point or point to many configurations.

Comming Soon:

Cellular Enhancement via Femtocell Technology

A femtocell is a small cellular base station, typically designed for use in a home or small business. It connects to the service provider’s network via broadband (such as DSL or cable); current designs typically support 2 to 4 active mobile phones in a residential setting, and 8 to 16 active mobile phones in enterprise settings. A femtocell allows service providers to extend service coverage indoors, especially where access would otherwise be limited or unavailable.

Hardware Specifications

  • Die-Cast Aluminum, NEMA 67 rating
    4 waterproof N-type Antennas option
    2 Waterproof, quick disconnect RJ-45 connectors
    3 point silicone-rubber gasket
    Pole-top and wall-mount mounting options
    ROHS compliant